What is the AR Cloud?

A collaborative project to create a shared “soft-copy”
of the world, optimized for AR-capable smart devices.

The best augmented reality experiences are ones that persist in the real world across space, time, and multiple devices.

That’s a tough thing to achieve. To convincingly blend digital content onto the real world we need a very special map: The AR Cloud.

An always-updating point cloud mapped onto the surface of the globe, the AR Cloud is optimized so that any AR-capable device can instantly recognize it's position in space regardless of platform or device.

Point Cloud

Why do we need the AR Cloud?

An open alternative

Tech companies spend billions to build proprietary AR Cloud datasets — exclusive silos of information that only benfit a few. There needs to be a shared alternative, openly accessible to everyone.

A shared point of reference

Locations are the URLs of the future. To seamlessly match information with location we need a platform-agnostic index of any location in the world.

Data is personal

It’s your data, you should have control over it. The AR Cloud is designed to ensure the data you contribute is used in a way that respects your privacy, dignity, and rights.

Data is valuable

Social media companies syphon off your data and sell it, but you never see a dime. Your data is valuable, you deserve to benefit from sharing it.

How does it work?

Earn spatial data tokens for scanning the world

Compensation for contributions to the AR Cloud. Each scan you contribute to the cloud earns you Spatial Data Tokens which can be traded at currency exchanges for common currencies including USD, BTC, ETH.

On demand spatial intelligence for any location

The world changes quickly. What’s here today, may be gone tomorrow. The AR Cloud is always updating to incorporate the latest submissions, so the map you access accurately represents the real world.

Transparent and Compliant

The AR Cloud depends on the trust and confidence of it's contributors and users. Designed to respect your privacy rights, the AR Cloud also respects regional data privacy rules such as the GDPR.

Current Efforts

AR Cloud
Map and Visual Index

The ARCF needs to host the best version of an open AR Cloud it can. Partners contribute to a unified, cross-platform, digital copy of the world.

AR Cloud
Scan Tool

A smartphone-based “Scan Tool” can make spatial useful data capture easy for many platforms and different technology uses. This will allow anyone to direclty contribute to the AR Cloud.

Global Spatial Data Exchange

A distributed marketplace where users place and fulfill orders for .6DOF and other spatial data.

Archival Format for Spatial Data

An open standard, container/file format for holding an unlimited number of synchronized video, audio, and other sensor-data tracks in a single file. .6DOF ("Six Degrees of Freedom") captures sensor data for analysis and processing such that it is lightweight enough for real-time transmission and high-fidelity enough for near lossless archiving.

AR Cloud White Paper

Coming in May 2018, the full white paper, explains in depth the inner workings of an open AR Cloud.

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